Corsair Goes 80 Plus Platinum with HXi Series Power Supplies

Paul Lilly

High wattage meets high efficiency

You don't want to match your high-end system build with a wimpy or generic power supply, trust us on this one. We've seen things, man -- things we can't ever forget (like smoke emitting from our rig). That's why we're a little excited to see Corsair announce its new HXi Series of power supplies with 80 Plus Platinum certification , which is only achieved when reaching greater than 92 percent energy efficiency.

The HXi Series is available in 750W, 850W, and 1,000W models, each of which offer fully modular cables, near-silent operation, Japanese electrolytic capacitors, and Corsair software monitoring and customization.

"When we launched the first PSUs in 2006, the HX Series redefined what a PC PSU should be, raising the bar for PSU quality and performance and making them a long-trusted favorite of PC enthusiasts," said Aaron Neal, product manager of PSUs at Corsair. "The new HXi PSUs build on that legacy with upgraded efficiency, fully modular cables, software monitoring, and some of the best voltage regulation, noise, and ripple specs in their class."

For those who take PSUs seriously, the Corsair Link software has your name written all over it. The software serves up real-time temperature, power usage, efficiency monitoring, and selectable single/multi-rail mode from the desktop.

Corsair's HXi Series is backed by a 7-year warranty and will be available in August for $170 (HX750i), $190 (HX850i), and $230 (HX1000i).

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