Corsair Expands Performance Series SSDs


it wasn't that long ago that just a handful of SSDs littered the storage landscape, but not only have several manufacturers now jumped on board, but we're seeing companies expand their lineups. Such is the case with Corsair, who this week announced two new models -- P128 and P64 -- as part of its Performance Series.

The P128 boast the same 220MB/s read and 200MB/s write speeds as found on the P256, putting it at the higher end of the SSD performance spectrum but below the fastest drives on the market. Meanwhile, the P64 offers the same 220MB/s read speed but a slower 120MB/s writes. Both new models are built around the Samsung controller IC with 128MB of cache and NCQ support, meaning neither one should suffer the same stuttering problems reported on some JMicron-based SSDs.

The P128 is available now at about $339 street ($299 if you fancy mail-in-rebates), and the P64 will start shipping in July with no word yet on price.

Image Credit: Corsair

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