Corsair Crashes the Head Gear Party with USB Headset


Corsair entered this world as a memory maker, but now dabbles in a whole host of products and peripherals. The company can now add headsets to its resume with the launch of the Gaming Audio Series HS1 USB gaming headphones.

"We set out to develop a headset with the performance that gamers demand, while also providing the pristine audio reproduction required for multi-channel movies and high bit rate music," stated Jim Carlton, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair. "The Audio HS1 easily meets both these challenges."

Corsair claims the use of 50mm drivers means there's less distortion than what's "produced by smaller, more typical drivers." The HS1 sports a circumaural, closed-back design, replaceable memory foam ear pads, uni-directional noise-canceling mic on an adjustable boom, and an inline volume and mic controller.

The HS1 is supposedly shipping now, but if you can track down a vendor that's selling it, your Google-fu is strong.

Image Credit: Corsair

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