Corsair Cranks Out Trio of Professional Series Gold Certified PSUs

Paul Lilly

Corsair, a company best known for its range of memory products, has also built a reputation for high quality power supplies, namely the TX and HX series released a couple of years ago. On paper, Corsair's newly introduced Professional Series Gold units are even better.

The new line features a fully modular low-profile cable set and come rated at 750W (AX750), 850W (AX850), and 1200W (AX1200W). As the naming scheme suggests, these are all 80 Plus Gold certified, meaning they deliver over 90 percent efficiency at 50 percent load.

No easy task, Corsair said it incorporated a number of "sophisticated server-level technologies" to reach 80 Plus Gold status, including Zero Voltage Switching and Zero Current Switching tecnology to eliminate switching losses and reduce EMI, as well as individual DC-to-DC voltage regulation for the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V rails. In addition, Corsair claims its secondary-side synchronous rectification and 4-layer PCB design results in low levels of ripple and noise.

All three power supplies come with a single 20/24-pin ATX connector, two 8-pin CPU connectors, and a single floppy connector. The AX750 adds two 6+2-pin PCI-E, 12 SATA, and eight 4-pin connectors, while the AX850 ups the ante to four 6+2 pin connectors. The flagship AX1200 features six 6+2-pin, 16 SATA, and 12 4-pin connectors.

Each PSU also boasts a single +12V rail with 62A (744W), 70A (840W), and 100.4A (1204.8W) available on the AX750, AX850, and AX1200, respectively.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Corsair

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