Corsair Cranks Out Budget Minded Force Series LX SSDs Starting at $75

Paul Lilly

Fast read performance for a low price

As prices keep coming down, it's becoming increasingly difficult to skip over a solid state drive in favor of a mechanical hard drive. At this point, the performance gain is usually worth the premium. That's certainly the conclusion Corsair hopes you come to in regards to its new Force Series LX SSDs. Corsair's Force Series LX SSDs are designed to offer "blazing performance to the masses" without a heavy price tag.

There are two capacities available -- 128GB for $75 and 256GB for $129, both of which are MSRPs. The drives come equipped with Silicon Motion SSD controllers and offer scorching fast read transfers, though write performance isn't on par with higher-end models.

Both capacities come rated at up to 560MB/s of sequential read performance. The 256GB boasts up to 300MB/s of sequential write performance, while the 128GB model tops out at 150MB/s. Max random read and write performance on the larger drive checks in at 76,000 IOPS and 70,000 IOPS, respectively, while the smaller drive features turns out 68,000 IOPs and 36,000 IOPs.

You can purchase the 256GB and 128GB Corsair Force LX Series SSDs direct from Corsair.

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