Corsair Claims "World's Fastest DDR3" with New Dominator GTX 2250MHz Kit


Corsair this week unveiled what it says is the "world's fastest DDR3 memory for extreme overclockers and performance enthusiasts," the Dominator GTX 2250.

Designed for Intel's X58 and P55 platforms, the new kit supports up to a 2250MHz frequency in a 1 DIMM (X58 and P55) or 2 DIMM (P55) configuration. In each case, timings come rated at 8-8-8-24 at 1.65V. In a three DIMM triple channel configuration, the kit runs slightly slower at 2133MHz, also with the same timings and voltage.

"Corsair has a long history of delivering the fastest overclocking memory on the planet, and our engineering expertise and unique understanding of the enthusiast market allows us to continue to push boundaries," said Kevein Conley, VP of Engineering at Corsair. "Corsair Dominator GTX modules are the most tightly-screened, highest-quality and feasted DDR3 memory modules in the world, and we look forward to seeing what the enthusiast and overclocking community can do with these exciting new products."

Corsair said its new kits will also work on AMD platforms, though at up to 1800MHz with timings rated at 6-6-6-18 at 1.65V.

The memory maker says "availability will be extremely limited" and launch exclusively on the Corsair Online Store on December 8, 2009 at 9AM Pacific Time.

Image Credit: Corsair

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