Corsair Carbide Series 400R PC Case Slips Under the $100 Mark

Paul Lilly

The competition has been heating up in the budget PC case category, a point that's underscored by the number of name brand manufacturers entering the fray with budget boxes of their own. Count Corsair among them, which just announced worldwide retail availability of its Carbide Series 400R gaming PC case.

Budget in this case refers to a sub-$100 price tag (just barely, at $99), so it's not quite on the affordability level as some recent $50 enclosures we've seen, but still what we would consider budget, especially considering the target audience. Corsair is looking to attract PC gamers by incorporating a few enthusiast-level features.

"The Carbide Series 400R is a remarkable achievement — a high-volume, aggressively priced case for PC gamers with the ease of installation and cooling flexibility that serious builders and gamers demand," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. "Performance enthusiasts operating on a tight budget can step up to renowned Corsair quality when choosing the case that's going to be the foundation of their gaming system."

Corsair says you can fit two 120mm fan form factor radiators into the 400R, and of course the case is compatible with Corsair's own Hydro Series H100 Liquid CPU Cooler. The case comes with three fans, four 120mm fan mounts, and six 120mm/140mm fan mounts to beat the heat.

All the modern day amenities are there, such as an all-black interior, USB 3.0 support, the ability to install 2.5-inch solid state drives into any of the drive bays, thumb screws on the side panels, and room enough to install tso graphics cards up to 452mm in length.

Carbide 400R Product Page

Image Credit: Corsair

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