Corsair Builds a Sleek Looking Computer Case

Paul Lilly

Corsair, who is best known for making memory products, appears ready to jump into the computer case market. It isn't unusual for component manufacturers to branch off from their specialized product line(s), but to our knowledge, no other memory maker builds PC enclosures.

The prototype case, which is being shown off at CeBIT, sports an all-black paint job, including the interior. Corsair's going with a two-chamber design similar to Antec's P180/P190, with the PSU sitting at the bottom. There's enough room for 5.25-inch drives, along with a hatch that hides four hot-swappable hard drives.

According to review site Legit Reviews, Corsair's full tower chassis stands at 24 inches high by 24 inches deep and 9 inches wide, and will weigh between 20 and 25 pounds when empty. The case owes its weight to a mostly steel construction, although the front panel is made of aluminum.

The un-named case will likely start shipping in Q2 2009 for between $250 to $300.

Image Credit: Anandtech

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