Corsair AX1500i is Industry's First 1500W PSU with 80 Plus Titanium Certification

Paul Lilly

The Godzilla of power supplies

There are power supplies, and then there's Corsair's AX1500i Digital ATX PSU. Corsair calls the AX1500i the most technologically advanced and efficient power supply on the planet, a claim we'd have a hard time debating after glancing this beast's spec sheet. It starts with the wattage rating -- Corsair's AX1500i is a 1500W PSU and also the first of its kind to earn the ultra-stringent 80 Plus Titanium certification .

That means it's over 94 percent efficient at 50 percent load, and to maintain that level of performance, you can bet there are high end parts inside, including 100 percent Japanese 105C capacitors (these suckers aren't likely to leak or burst like the bad batch of caps that once plagued PCs several years ago).

It also uses digitally controlled circuitry to maintain a high level of efficiency. The AX1500i is built around Corsair's second generation digital architecture and wields a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to control output. You'll also find a native USB port -- hook it up to a motherboard's USB header and you can use the Corsair Link software to monitor vitals and customize fan speed response.

"After we released the AX1200i, the world’s first digital ATX PSU, our customers came to us asking for an even higher wattage AXi PSU to power their most demanding PCs." said Aaron Neal , product manager of PSUs at Corsair. "For them, we created AX1500i with more power and 80 Plus Titanium efficiency. We look forward to seeing the extreme dream PCs that top enthusiasts power with AX1500i."

The AX1500i has enough power to run 4-way SLI and CrossFire configurations with a single +12V rail design delivering up to 125A. It's fully modular with low profile cables, including 10 PCI-E connectors, 20 SATA connectors, a dozen 4-pin peripheral connectors, two floppy connectors, two EPS connectors, and a single ATX connector.

Corsair's AX1500i is available now , though it doesn't come cheap -- it runs $450 MSRP and is backed by a 7 year warranty.

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