Corsair Announces Hand-Tested GTX 2533MHz DDR3

Paul Lilly

Memory makers continue to squeeze more performance out of their DDR3 modules, and such is the case with Corsair and its "outrageously fast" GTX4 2355MHz DDR kit.

Not all RAM chips are capable of screaming at such a high frequency, and Corsair says the modules that qualify have undergone an extremely meticulous, manual screening process, with each one representing the fastest thirty-two RAMS out of thousands of candidates.

"The GTX 4 modules are truly Corsair's greatest expression of the memory overclocker's art," stated Michal Nowicki, master overclocker at Corsair. "These modules are so fast that most CPUs will require sub-ambient cooling to run them at their maximum speed. Each GTX4 module represents hours of my work in the lab, and is authenticated by me personally."

The hand-tested kits sport 9-11-10-30 latency settings and are available now, in limited quantity, direct from Corsair ($325 per 2GB sticks).

Inside Look into the Screening Process

Image Credit: Corsair

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