Corsair Announces 32GB Flash Voyager Mini USB Key

Paul Lilly

Corsair today lifted the capacity ceiling on its compact Flash Voyager Mini USB flash drive line by announcing a new 32GB model, which is twice the size as the previous capacity king.

"USB flash drive users love the convenience and ruggedness of the Flash Voyager Mini form factor," stated John Beekley, VP of Technical Marketing at Corsair. "The increase in density to 32GB allows users to carry their digital world with them at all times on this compact drive."

The ruggedness Beekley refers to comes in the form of a rubberized housing. And to keep the size down, all Flash Voyager Mini drives come equipped with a cap-less retractable USB connector.

Corsair says the new 32GB model is available now from "authorized distributors and resellers worldwide." Pricing looks to have settled around $100 street .

Image Credit: Corsair

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