Corporate IT Reluctant to Pull the Plug on IE6

Paul Lilly

Few could have guessed at the time of release 8 years ago that Internet Explorer 6 would turn out to be such a resilient browser, but here we are on the heels of IE9 and IE6 is still going strong, even against the warnings of security experts and Microsoft itself.

According to a recent study conducted by Chitika, a search-targeted advertising solutions firm, IE6 ranked fourth among all browsers, claiming 13 percent of usage during peak business hours. What this means is that IE6 is being used while at work, between the ours of 5AM and 2PM CST. After hours, however, the usage number drops to 6 percent of all Web traffic, Chitika noted.

"It almost looks like individual Internet users are more tech-advanced at home than the IT departments where they work," said Alden DoDrosario , Chitika's CTO, in a statement. "It's crazy to think that people whose job description revolves around employees having secure ways to browse the Web would keep IE6 alive, while these same employees go home to more secure browsers."

The same pattern holds true when broken down on a day-by-day basis. During the week, IE6 remains the fourth most used browser, and then loses nearly half of its market share to Firefox and IE8 during the weekend, Chitika says.

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