Corporate iPad Users Have No iDea Why They Have Them

Brad Chacos

Turns out, its not only Apple fanatics and Angry Birds-lovers who have fallen heads-over-heels for the iPad. A recent survey shows that an increasing number of businesses do too – 68% of the businesses interviewed either already deployed tablets or planned to do so by the end of 2012. Unlike Apple-heads and Angry Birds-heads, however, the businesses can't quite tell you why.

Over 50% of the companies surveyed by Dimensional Research said they flat-out didn't have a plan for those spiffy new tablets they were handing out, other than "Oooooh, shiny." Of the companies that did have a tablet PC strategy, the majority of them liked to use the devices to process paperwork and provide apps for salesmen on the run. Other reasons cited include keeping on top of financial information and customer service support.

While corporate buyers may not like the idea of spending money on $500 paperweights, the folks at Apple must be dancing in the street. A full 83% of correspondents said the iPad was the tablet of choice in their office. That's not surprising considering that they don't have any, you know, productivity plans for the devices. In related news, we expect sales of Angry Birds to improve in the fourth quarter.

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