Corning Begins Shipping Gorilla Glass 2 to 'Key Device Makers'

Pulkit Chandna

Shipments of the next generation of Gorilla Glass are now underway, New York-based Corning announced Monday. This announcement comes more than a month after the launch of Gorilla Glass 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hit the jump for more.

“Corning’s new glass composition, Gorilla Glass 2, enables slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity, providing an ideal solution for the newest, most sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and personal computers,” said David R. Velasquez, global director, Marketing and Commercial Operations, Corning Gorilla Glass.

“Since we launched Gorilla Glass 2 just last month at CES, we’ve qualified the glass with more than half of our current customers, and have shipped our first orders to customers who plan to start production and release product in the first quarter this year.”

The company says that it has “qualified the glass” with half of its existing customers and already shipped the first orders. According to The Verge , Corning expects the first products featuring Gorilla Glass 2 to reach consumers sometime in April or May.

The first-generation of Corning’s damage-resistant cover glass, which is sometimes wrongly believed to have been developed in the 1960s, has found its way into over “600 product models, spanning over 600 million units worldwide.”

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