Copied Oracle Files Not Part of Android After All

Ryan Whitwam

According to a report at ZDNet, earlier reports indicating that Google's Android operating system had directly copied code from Oracle/Sun were greatly exaggerated . The controversy was ignited today when an article called out a number of files available in the Android open source repository. These files, the reports said, were exact copies of files that Oracle makes available, but they were not marked as such. Many of them had the Apache license attached instead.

Now that everyone has had some time to digest the news, we see that this is simply a mistake. 7 of the files are part of the unit test tree, and are only a developer tool. These are not shipped with Android and cannot be called part of the OS. An additional ZIP file contained more Oracle files, this time related to an audio chipset driver. This file was added by a user for unknown reasons. It too is not part of Android. In fact, the most recent version of the repository doesn't even have many of these files.

If the original information had panned out, it would have been a big headache for Google in their legal battle with Oracle. The latter company claims their code has been inappropriately included in Android. Do you think there is some shady business going on at Google?

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