CoolIT's Upcoming Omni ALC will Support Fermi

Paul Lilly

CoolIT is prepping it's Omni ALC cooler , a self-contained universal liquid cooling solution the company claims "provides aggressive heat dissipation for optimal graphics performance," and that includes Nvidia's Fermi architecture.

"When you pair the world's fastest GPU with the first-ever universal GPU liquid cooling solution, the results are visually astonishing," remarked Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. "This combination will shatter benchmarks and deliver the most pulse-pounding graphics performance to date."

CoolIT says the Omni ALC represents a departure from traditional GPU cooling design, in that you'll no longer need to purchase an entirely new cooling solution for each generation of videocard. Instead, only the GPU-specific interposer plate will need to be changed.

The Omni ALC will ship this summer - no word yet on price.

YouTube Video Demo

Image Credit: CoolIT

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