CoolIT Bombards CES with Four New Cooling Products


Holy moly, someone came prepared to show off some new products at CES, and that someone is CoolIT. The cooling company unveiled not one, but four new cooling items.

First on the list is CoolIT's ECO A.L.C. CPU cooler, which the company claims "breaks a world record for the ultimate price/performance cooling benchmark." CoolIT says it made a ton of refinements to the ECO's pump, radiator, and water block, resulting in an easy-to-install and whisper quite cooler. Designed for mainstream systems, this one's available now for $75.

Next on the list is CoolIT's Vantage A.L.C. CPU cooler. Sporting a new design from the ground up, CoolIT's aiming this one towards the enthusiast crowd and hopes to lure them with a programmable 84x48 pixel LCD screen. The display includes a custom color backlight and 2.4GHz wireless communication module, along with two buttons for controlling all chassis fan speeds. This one will start shipping mid-February for $125.

The last of the actual coolers is the OMNI A.L.C. for graphics cards. It's a full-coverage cooler with a two-stage system consisting of a simple interposer plate customized for each model videocard, and a universal water block. No word on availability, and pricing will vary with each graphics card type.

Finally, there's the Maestro E.S.P. , which is a wireless solution for use with the Vantage and OMNI. However, it's also capable of optimizing and monitoring any third-party fan or pump, CoolIT says. The Maestro automatically detects ESP-enabled devices and can control and monitor up to 3 fans, water pumps, or other gadgets powered with a 3- or 4-pin fan header. The Maestro retails for $90.

Image Credit: CoolIT

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