The Coolest Google Chrome Shortcuts You Never Knew About



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The most important shortcut of them all!!! Ctrl+L to jump to the address bar, with it automatically highlighted, so you can just start typing your URL.

Second most useful, start typing the url of a website you search a lot, for example, I start typing A, and it suggests, at which point I just press tab, and start my search, when I press Enter it automatically brings me to the search results. No more loading a page, just to use the search, and have to load another page... Cut load times literally in half, plus you don't need to use the mouse!!! Woohoo!!!



Many of these shortcuts work with the other best knows browsers also.
While I admit that Chrome is slightly faster to open many web pages it seems to slow down computer boots and general work, sometimes noticeably. I have found many things running in the background apparently brought in by Chrome.
For these reasons I am not using it any longer.



Instead of Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab, I use Ctrl + PgUp and PgDown for more control when switching tabs. It's easier I think.

Use Alt + Left Arrow or Alt + Right Arrow for Back and Forward commands respectively.

Shift + Esc is the Chrome Task Manager.

Ctrl + W will close a tab, and Ctrl + Shift + T will restore the last closed tab.



I wish there were a way to "type" the tab # to which one wishes to go.

CTRL + 1 is always Tab 1, and CTRL + (2-8) switch to their respective tabs, but CTRL + 9 is always the final tab.



Hey! Alt+W even works with the worst popup Ad site I've seen on the internet in the last decade ... You guessed it! MaximumPC



you may have a virus or something. I rarely get pop-up ads on this site, and I have no blockers or anything.



1, 3-8, 10, and 11 are universal shortcuts. Or at least they work on Firefox and IE as well.



Is shift scrolling in Firefox and its derivatives?

I use the other 11 all the time in PaleMoon but shift-scrolling doesn't seem to work in it :(


Arthur Dent

I've used the middle button more than the left button since I discovered the middle mouse button opened tabs in the background.


Insula Gilliganis

"roughly 43% of the browser market" - Unless measured by NetApplications, then it is only 19%.. or W3Counter which has it at 38%!! (