Coolermaster Announces New CM 690 III Case

Maximum PC Staff

It looks a lot like the last one

Cooler Master released its 690 II Advanced case in 2010, and they've now refreshed it with their new 690 III case.

Like the last case, the 690 III is a steel- bodied mesh mid-tower case and comes with a flurry of storage bays. The new case features seven internal hard drives bays and three ODD bays, which can also be used to mount SSDs.

Other specifications include two front panel USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, along with standard audio and microphone inputs. Coolermaster’s 690 III also comes equipped with removable dust filters that cover the top, and front of the case as well as the PSU, for easy cleaning.

Cooling in the CM 690 III is covered by a front 200mm intake fan, a rear 120mm outtake fan stock with the option of adding more. The side panel and top of the case support two 120mm fans or can be fitted with one 200mm fan and the bottom supports a 120mm fan.  Lastly the case supports a 120mm hard drive cage fan.

Aesthetically, the 690 III  hasn’t changed much from its last iteration, as the design is very similar to the 690 II Advanced .

Update: The case is currently available in Asia with a US release date to be determined.

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