Cooler Master Unveils Triple Tower V8 GTS Air Cooler



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Why??? The newer closed loop liquid coolers still do a better job and they get the heat out of the case and in addition they are light and therefore keep the stress off the multilayer circuit board. They are slightly more expensive but basically the price of a beer or two difference. They take up less room and make it easier to have a neater looking case.
I think the day of the air cooler for any kind of moderately serious GPU cooling is over.



Perfect for the 9590. Should at least get a 500Khz overclock out of it before it fries!






Well, here's hoping for a vast improvement over the 212+ or a Noctua NH-D14, but I'm not holding my breath...

Cooler Master's -SMALLER- tower style heat sinks usually perform better than their biggest ones, namely the previous V8 and the V10, especially in a "bang for your buck" contest.

If you're going to go bigger to squeeze every ounce of capability out of the form-factor, then coolers like the NH-D14 (and recent clones there-of) have pretty much set the high-water mark for what can actually be done with air-cooling. This is particularly the case when using more numerous, more powerful, and even bigger fans than even prescribed by the manufacturer.

I really do want to see some revolutionary design concept come out and become the new measuring stick, but I am hesitant to think the V8GTS will be it... It seems to look like a line of thinking "well if two towers are good, then three is better!".

Perhaps if it took into account the obvious desire of enthusiasts to put two more fans on the outside... Overkill, I know, but such is the stock-in-trade of the enthusiast who would be the prospective buyer of such a heatsink...



I would like something like this. Air cooling, looks neat and can keep a high TDP part from cooking itself. But, it looks like it would be too heavy to sit vertically. Wonder if it comes with a mounting bracket for the bottom of the mobo.



It weighs less than a Noctua NH-D14 so unless you have a cheap motherboard or throw your rig around a lot it will be fine sitting vertically.


Led Weappelin

This thing looks like it is capable of imploding the sides of a PC case. Wow! I'm guessing 199 bucks for this thing.



more like 80



Wow, that looks a little too over the top. Hope it wouldn't snap off the board.


Ghost XFX

Did they anticipate AMD releasing the FX9590?



does it come with additional support? i fear that the cooler might tear itself off the motherboard if rocked the wrong way.



Does it only cool with air? Then it is a mere air cooler, CM. I'll be sticking with your Hyper 212+.

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