Cooler Master Cosmos II Case Review



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" the top panel can accommodate a 20cm fan, two 14cm fans, three 12cm fans, or a 240mm radiator. "

Actually this statement is incorrect.

The top portion allows for a 360mm radiator; but it has to one of the slimmer (or regular) models - no XSPC RX series for this case, so sad, considering the sheer size of this beast.




Nathan, since you reviewed both cases, I'm dying to know what you think : if cost is no object, should I go for the TJ11 or the Cosmos 2? My main goal is to get the best thermal performance for 3 VGA cards (7970 or upcoming Keplers) in an air-cooling configuration. I might go the watercooling route, but (much) further down the road.

Both cases seem excellent for multi-gpus cooling but I'd really like to have your take on this one:-)

Oh, and by the way, I'd be upgrading from a Lian Li PC-P80, do you think either of these cases is a "true" upgrade - especially with multi-GPU in mind?

Thanks in advance ;)



$350? No. Hell no.

If I'm gonna spend that kind of money on a case, it's gonna be a Lian Li.



I bought my current Cooler Master case a couple months before the first Cosmos Case, so being in the market for a new case, I very much welcome this case, since a new build is just around the corner. :)

Thank you for the review!



That thing is fugly. Looks too gimicky, like a Honda with a spoiler.


Ghost XFX

Pretty cool looking. But I don't suppose that they'll drop the price below $250.... Be nice for moding however.



3 5.25" bays doesn't seem like much. If all you have is a single CD/DVD drive then you have plenty, but I know many people including myself that have other devices that use up those bays. In addition to my DVD drive I have a fan control system that uses up 2 bays with it's big display, and another bay that contains my sound card front I/O panel.

Other than that, the case looks awesome!



Just a guess, but you might not have heard of and would be interested in Case Labs:


Righteous Fury

I cannot find this thing for sale anywhere... not even on their own site!

...paper launch?


Brechan did a fantastic; if not lengthy (43 minute) video review of this case, Cooler Master includes a pair of radiator brackets (if you want to remove the lower HDD cages and install a 240mm radiator)

Here's the link


Now; if I only had an extra $350+, I'd give my 700D a toss and pick this up right away



I wondered what was taking them so long.  Gorgeous case!  Sounds like they addressed most the complaints from the first version.  I still have two of the original Cosmos' and I still love them both... but I may have to sell one and pick up this beauty (in black of course).

Thanks for the review.



Gosh, I wish the Cosmos II had more room inside.


Holly Golightly

Wooooooooow, that... Is a freaking beautiful case. I think CoolerMaster is truly setting the bar on case design again, and again. I thought the HAF-X was the ultimate, but this is truly the end all be all case. Love it!



Can't wait to get my hands on it. BTW, even though the manual states that it supports a 240mm rad on top, it actually supports a 360mm rad out of the box. And eevn though its great as is, if you're like me, and not afraid of a dremel, then a little bit of modding allows for a 480 rad to be installed at the top without too much of a hassle (you'd have to move the front pannel PCB)!



where to buy?



tons of cheap plastic everywhere. Definitely a dealbreaker. 



And why wasn't this a 10?



Because of the cabling maelstrom and the beeping fan controller. I very rarely award 10s.



There ought to be a list of all the 10s and Kick-Ass awards Maximum PC has ever published in the Best of the Best section, which sometimes feels sparse and outdated. For example, the Asus Rampage III Extreme continues to be the "Best of The Best" for X58 Core i7 LGA1366 motherboards. The link takes us to a review from October... 2010! For "Best of The Best" status, shouldn't it be compared with its successor, the Black Edition? I don't think MPC reviewed that one, but I have considered it and the Gigabyte G1.Assassin from last May:

The newer Asus mobo seems to have had more issues and returns than the Gigabyte. Also, I think the Gigabyte may offer me a better price/features-I'm-going-to-use ratio than the Asus board. Still, I'd appreciate suggestions for other high-end X58 mobos.

I've also had my eyes on the "Best of The Best" Corsair Obsidian 800D, but I think I'll go with the 2011 Dream Machine's Cooler Master Cosmos II when I can find it for sale.

Now, you might be wondering why I am still interested in LGA1366 X58. Well, I got a great deal on an i7-920 and I've been waiting (and saving) for just the right motherboard and case for it. It took long enough, but USB 3.0 is finally here, as is my wallet.

Later I'll figure out which video card I'm going to try to get four of, which (for some reason) is where The Best of The Best section really shines.



Is there a list of products that actually got 10's?


Keith E. Whisman

Logitech Z680 Speakers got a 10 Kickass award. Half Life 2 Got an 11 KickAss award. I can't remember very much more than that. I think the MS Inteli Mouse Explorer got a 10 Kick Ass as well. 





$200 - $250 might be a sweeter price tag for this case

or maybe I'm just cheap

don't really like the old Cosmos for some reason

but this case is definitely different and damn gorgeous!


Keith E. Whisman

I don't see the price staying at $350. I expect to see this case to drop in price down ro around $250 some time later in the year hopefully before the end on December 21st when we are all going to die.




ITS FINALLY HERE! I WAS  JUUUUUST on the phone with a guy this morning talking about this case! ive been waiting since 2008 when i purchased a Cosmos S and the hard drive cage was from HELL! I dont like where they put the USB front panel. On top was BRILLIANT for resting devices on the top of the machine wile they charged and stuff like that (ipod, ext HD, etc.). but the Hard drive cage improvement will be a great steup up.. i havent even read the article yet and my hands are shaking in anticipation of the improvements.!!!!! cant wait to build a new one this May!



This has been such a looong time coming. It's awesome that it's finally here. I've been using the Cosmos 1000 since 2008 when you used it in a build guide and I'm glad there's such an awesome upgrade for it.