Cooler Master Announces SF17 Laptop Cooler for Gamers



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I'm still debating if these things actually do anything. They're not blowing air onto the cooling element but the chassis, which doesn't really have the cooling element attached to it. Even if there are holes for intake, they work by forced induction anyway.

Maybe this might work for laptops with a metallic chassis, like a MacBook, but I don't see it creating enough of a difference to justify $56.



In my wife's case it was added insurance in the event that she sat her aging HP dv2610 on the bed again and left it sitting there while it was plugged into the wall (which proceeded to roast the mobo). They can save your laptop from when life happens!



The older one I have props up my macbook pro to a more usable angle, which has the added benefit of promoting air circulation as it is now a few inches off the desk instead of a few millimeters.

It moves more air around the MPB, getting the expelled hot air further away from the MPB than convection and the wimpy Apple fan alone would (and at a faster speed). It also combats static air around the laptop itself.

The built in USB extension piece allows me to use larger USB plugs with the MPB.

Gives me piece of mind as my old MPB has issues with poor thermal engineering.

...the first and last "things it does" are the most important.



You would be absolutely correct good sir.

Well... Except that I don't feel it would make a justifiable difference in metallic laptop chassis designs either.