Cooler Master Announces Elite 130 Mini-ITX Case



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Nicely done video, Pulkit. It looks like Cooler Master thought this case design out, along with some of the modding and accessorizing we'd want to do.

I've only built two PCs, one with a Cooler Master HAF 922, and the other with a Rosewill Challenger ("mid" cases, the HAF 922 is still pretty big for a mid). With all the nice hardware you can put into these Mini-ITX builds, how are these as far as staying cool enough? I suppose with one video card, a water cooled CPU and some SSD's may help with the heating issue, or am I just old school where I'm use to 3-4 case fans?



I'd rather just have a compact atx (micro, mini or standard) case. I don't need a hulking mid/full tower for all my builds but I also don't want to be gimped by the itx boards.

I don't understand this fascination with the ITX.



I have been all over this. The problem with the 120 was the stupid hard drive cage in front and it is longer. This one is like a mini haf xb! The problem with all of the other mini itx cases is they have no optical drive. Why is this important? Because you can put a cool looking led controller in the front to light this thing up, or a fan controller etc. With the military looking mesh and color I love this thing! Would of been nice to fit a 140mm on this thing and have it all steel and no plastic otherwise nearly perfect! I would put an msi military spec board on it, a msi lightning mil spec video card and one 500 gb ssd, with my nyzxt led controller can make it green, red, orange different colors and can carry it with a sugo silverstone bag. I live overseas so very important! Great job Coolermaster, really with the scout, xb, and this you are my go to Case maker. What will the stacker be like anyways on the 30th we will know



Oh, Sure.. NOW they adjust the case to fit a 120mm radiator and fan.

I had to take a 5" hole saw to my 120 to get mine water cooled.

oh well.. i guess it was fun making the mod.



That's my thought, nothing wrong with a little modding.



now if maxpc would just review a few miniITX motherboards



I would love to see a range of Mini-ITX boards reviewed. Budget, Mid and High End.