Cooler Master's V Series PSUs Ready for Upcoming 80 Plus Titanium Spec

Paul Lilly

Are these the best PC power supplies in the world?

We're taught from a young age that it's good to have goals, and Cooler Master's are anything but modest. The case and cooling company wants to be known as the leading power supply brand in all the world, and the way it plans to achieve that lofty goal is by introducing its new V Series PSUs. These new power supplies eschew a multiple rail design in favor a single +12V rail, but what's most impressive is the rated efficiency.

Not satisfied with current 80 Plus standards, Cooler Master claims its V Series is prepped and primed for an 80 Plus Titanium tag, as soon as it officially exists, that is.

"Efficiency is especially good at low system load, typical when browsing the web or watching videos. Since most PCs spend 90 percent of their uptime in this state, power savings here are much more relevant than 1 or 2 percent higher efficiency at full load," Cooler Master explains . "This is why the future Titanium spec will require 90 percent efficiency at 10 percent load, something the advanced design of the V series already reaches today."

Cooler Master says its V Series PSUs use the highest grade Japanese electrolyte and solid capacitors, high quality 42mm transformers, and a custom interface PCB that aligns all rails to reduce voltage plane cross-over and minimize crosstalk, EMI, and droop.

The PSUs are offered in 700W , 850W , and 1000W capacities, each with flat black-ribbon cables for easier cable management. And as far as existing standards go, each one is 80 Plus Gold certified to deliver up to 93 percent efficiency at 50 percent load.

No word yet no price or availability.

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