Cooler Masters Launches Sub-$100 Extreme 2 Power Supply Series

Paul Lilly

Cooler Master today unveiled a new line of power supplies that promise to deliver "world-class" reliability and performance without beating up your savings account. Coming in 475W, 525W, 625W, and 725W configurations, each of Cooler Master's new Extreme 2 PSUs costs less than a C-note; the entry-level model carries an MSRP that's half that much. Oddly enough, Cooler Master doesn't claim any 80 Plus efficiency ratings on any of the new models, though the company insists they're constructed with "higher quality components and process improvements" than what's found on the first generation Extreme Series.

"The Extreme 2 Series features world-class safeguards that consist of multiple over power protections which help prevent unfortunate home electrical issues from reaching your computer system’s vital components. Ensuring a long operating life, Extreme 2 Series power supplies include highly durable capacitors with heat resistance of up to 105℃ (221F)," Cooler Master says. "These safety measures and quality components ensure that the power supply will remain operational for years to come. Should anything make it through these, users can rest assured knowing that our Extreme 2 Series is covered by a solid 3 year warranty."

All four models boast a dual +12V rail design with up to 18A available on each of the two rails on the 475W model, up to 20A on the 525W, up to 24A on the 625W, and up to 28A on the 725W.

The Extreme 2 Series ships today for $50 ( 475W ), $55 ( 525W ), $75 ( 625W ), and $95 ( 725W ).

Image Credit: Cooler Master

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