Cooler Master's Latest CPU Cooler Lays More Pipes than Super Mario

Paul Lilly

Continuing its engine-inspired theme, Cooler Master this week announced the V6, the latest addition to the V8 and V10 family of CPU heatsinks.

The Vx series is named such because of the double "V" heatpipe design, and as you might have guessed from the product title, this one comes with six of them. The V6 also comes constructed with asymmetrical aluminum fins and up to two optional snap-on fans. As Cooler Master pitches it, the double-V heatpipe array helps spread out the heatpipes to make better use of the cooling fins, while also allowing airflow to reach each individual pipe.

"Under the hood of V6 lies an innovative sleek V-shaped heatpipe array, a very different concept from traditional heatpipe parallel placements, which helps drive heat dissipation by providing a clear path for heat removal under mid or high air pressure situations," Cooler Master says. "The asymmetrical aluminum fins, a non-traditional fin stacking design, help accelerates airflow by following the airflow behavior generated from the attached 120mm PWM red LED fan. The easy snap-on brackets allows for optional expansion of a second 120mm fan makes doubling the airflow from your heatsink a breeze."

Look for the V6 to start shipping within the next few weeks. No word yet on price.

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Image Credit: Cooler Master

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