Cooler Master Unveils Triple Tower V8 GTS Air Cooler

Paul Lilly

A massive air cooler for high-end rigs

Think you need an exotic cooling solution to keep your dream machine from burning itself up? Don't be so sure. Air cooling, when implemented correctly, can get the job done, and that's especially true if you have room in your chassis to accommodate Cooler Master's new monstrous V8 GTS cooler. The V8 GTS uses triple tower heat sinks to help dissipate thermal loads up to 250W.

It's powered by the same Horizontal Vapor Chamber (HVC) technology that keeps high-end graphics cards cool, Cooler Master says. There are eight high performance heat pipes, dual high airflow 140mm fans, and a new generation of fan bearings known as POM. According to Cooler Master, the fans are virtually dustproof and will last up to 160,000 hours.

"To call the V8 GTS a mere air cooler would be folly. It is the prime example and the flagship of the widely popular V Series CPU coolers," Cooler Master says .

The V8 GTS will be available in August. Cooler Master hasn't yet announced a price.

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