Cooler Master Shows Off New "Vertical Vapor Chamber" Heatsink Technology

Brad Chacos

Plan on buying a Cooler Master heatsink sometime soon? If so, you could be buying into a new cooling design the company’s dubbed “Vertical Vapor Chamber Technology.” Cooler Master claims that by tinkering with the traditional heatsink design, Vertical Vapor Chambers run cooler and quieter than traditional cooling solutions.

So how, exactly, does “Vertical Vapor Chamber Technology” work? Cooler Master details the technology in its press release:

Vertical Vapor Chambers feature less than half the air resistance by reducing airflow vortexes and noise generated by air streaming through a heatsink. At the same time vertical vapor chambers exhibit 3 times the fin contact area, enabling faster and more efficient transfer of heat from the vapor chambers to the fins, and overall more efficient use of the available fin surface area .

No word yet on pricing details, but TechPowerUp reports that the first heatsinks packing the new design are scheduled to hit the streets soon after the CeBIT trade show in March.

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