Cooler Master Launches CM Storm Stryker Full Tower Chassis

Paul Lilly

Cooler Master this week rolled out another aggressive looking computer case, the CM Storm Stryker. This latest model is a full tower enclosure and the second model in its class to include a sturdy carrying handle, just in case you want to pack this thing with high end hardware and then lug it around to LAN parties (or from room to room, as it were) "with relative ease." It's relative, because trying to carry a hulking computer case without a handle will test both your strength and agility.

The CM Storm Stryker features a glossy black and white finish on both the case and fans. It has a windowed side panel, dust filters, fan controller, external SSD hot-swap dock, and modular hard drive cages.

For neat freaks (or those concerned about optimal air cooling), Cooler Master says its Storm Stryker offers myriad cable tie zones and cutouts to route your gnarly mess of wires. You'll have a lot of them if you manage to fill the nine expansion slots and all 14 hard drive bays.

The CM Storm Stryker will be available later this month. Price will vary by region, Cooler Master says.

Image Credit: Cooler Master

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