Cooler Master Future Proofs All-in-One Liquid Cooling with Expandable Glacer 240L

Paul Lilly

A self contained liquid cooler with modular properties

The market is flush with all-in-one cooling solutions, most of which look similar to each other, though they offer different levels of performance. Cooler Master's new Glacer 240L is yet another self contained liquid cooler for CPUs, but it's not just the performance potential that separates this model from the pack. Billed as being a "semi-DIY CPU liquid cooler," the Glacer 240L is both modular and expandable, allowing for upgrades down the line.

Each Glacer 240L is fully sealed, pressure tested, and ready to be used as an AIO solution out of the box. It's a higher end unit with a pump flow rate of 165 liters per hour, premium radiator with integrated reservoir and two fill-port locations (for vertical and horizontal orientations), and a pair of 120mm Blademaster fans. According to Cooler Master, the Glacer 240L doesn't require maintenance for three years.

Looking beyond its stock performance potential, the Glacer 240L allows for upgrades to the loop as desired. It features enthusiast grade 5/8-inch OD black PVC tubing secured by swivel fittings with an elegant clamping system for simple removal and reinstallation, Cooler Master says .

The Glacer 240L will be available later this month in the U.S. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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