Cooler Master Expands All-in-One Water Cooling Line with Nepton Series

Paul Lilly

Water cooling without all the hassle

Self-contained liquid coolers have become pretty popular these days as system builders look to adequately cool their processors with all-in-one designs that deliver some or most of the benefits of water cooling, minus most of the risk and maintenance. Adding to the growing category of AIO coolers is Cooler Master's new Nepton Series consisting of the Nepton 140XL and Nepton 280L .

Both coolers come factory filled and sealed for immediate installation and maintenance free operation "for years," Cooler Master says. The radiator on each unit is aided by premium JetFlo 140 Series fans built specifically for high air pressure and heat dissipation. Cooler Master says the radiators also support its JetFlo 120 Series and other 120mm fans with pre-drilled mounting holes in the correct spots.

Perhaps the main selling point here is that both units offer tool-less installation. They each use thumb screw-based mounting kits for the fans and pump, so all you need to install either one are your fingers.

The Nepton 280L sports dual JetFlo 140 fans and a 280mm radiator capable of dissipating up to 300W of heat. Meanwhile, the Nepton 140XL sports a 140mm radiator.

No word yet on price, though Cooler Master tells us these will be available in December.

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