Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper Loves to LAN Party

Paul Lilly

Not all LAN party cases have to look like little square boxes that could serve as a footrest in between gaming sessions. Take Cooler Master's new CM Storm Trooper , for instance. This thing skips the mid-tower madness and jumps straight into full-tower territory and is supposedly "the first in its class to include an ultra-strong carrying handle."

Don't worry if you have trouble walking straight after a full night of gaming, Cooler Master designed the CM Storm Trooper with a damage-resistant rubberized coating. You probably should be careful not to fall down a flight of stairs, but bumping into a wall or pedestrian shouldn't scuff up the case.

There are some other tricks up the CM Storm Trooper's sleeve. It's the first full-tower case with two 90 degrees rotatable 4-in-3 HDD modules (it supports up to 14 hard drives in all), there are removable dust filters on the top and bottom intakes, there's an external 2.5-inch HDD/SSD dock, a built-in fan controller, and a hidden tool box "for storing private goods."

The CM Storm Trooper will be available on October 4th for $190 MSRP.

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Image Credit: Cooler Master

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