Cooler Master Celebrates 20th Anniversary By Slashing Price of CM Storm Trooper Case

Brad Chacos

If Cooler Master was a person rather than a company that provides PC supplies, it'd almost be old enough to drink: this year marks its 20th anniversary of existence. And rather than just patting itself on its imaginary back and sending out press releases touting its own awesomeness, Cooler Master's tossing a little something back to the community. The company just announced that for a short time, it's shaving nearly a quarter off the price of LAN-friendly CM Storm Trooper full-tower case, bringing it down from $190 to $150.

As we mentioned back when the case was first announced, the Storm Trooper was designed with portability in mind ; it includes "extremely sturdy carrying handles" and a damage-resistant rubberized coating over its steel frame -- smart moves, seeing as how a packed full-tower gaming case can get pretty friggin' heavy.

Reviews of the case have been pretty positive overall around the 'Net, including a 4-star review over at TechRadar. Check out the specs for yourself if you're interested in possibly picking one up while the getting's good. Sorry, overseas Cooler Master fans; this one's good for U.S. and Canadian customers only.

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