Cool Site of the Week: YourNextFilm

Maximum PC Staff

Picking the films for a movie night is much like making an awesome playlist (or for our readers of a certain age, a mix-tape). Unless you plan on whiling away the hours watching all of the films in a single franchise, care, thought and a sense of balance must be brought into the movie selection process. One feature-length misstep and what could have been a runaway train of time well wasted can be turned into a bogged down truck full of Howard the Duck. No one needs that sort of pain. If you’re serious about your movie watching, but have a hard time picking a flick, we recommend giving YourNextFilm a try. It’s free, easy to use and also happens to be our Cool Site of the Week.

YourNextFilm forgoes using categories like actors, genre or director to classify the films featured on the site. Instead, by entering the name of a film that they’ve enjoyed, users will be presented with a number of suggested titles that other visitors to the site feel would compliment the film. Once you find a movie that interest you, click on it, and you’ll have access to a full synopsis of the film, user reviews, and the ability to purchase the DVD via Amazon.

There’s even an option to save your searches for use later on: Just in case you stumble across more movies or TV shows than you can handle at one time.

Be sure to check back with us every Friday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Cool Site of the Week.

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