Cool Site of the Week: Where's My Cellphone

Maximum PC Staff

Nothing makes you feel like more of a failure at life faster than losing or misplacing a cellphone, especially in an age where more and more of us opt to use our mobile handsets as the sole means of telecommunications in our households. Android handset owners can turn to apps like Find My Phone to keep track of the device’s whereabouts. The same goes for iPhone users and Find My iPhone. But what if you’re rocking a lowly feature phone or a barebones handset that does nothing else but you know, be a phone? You can try retracing your steps in order to find the misplaced device, drop a wad of cash on a new handset, or call it using Where’s My Cellphone , our Cool Site of the Week.

Where’s My Cellphone is a site designed for one thing and one thing only: dialing your cellphone, so that you can track your handset down by listening for its ring. To use it, enter your telephone number and area code, set the time delay and listen for your cellphone’s ring as Where’s My Cellphone leaps into action.

While it doesn’t offer the ability to track a missing mobile device via its GPS coordinates, giving users the option to ring their handsets without the aid of a telephone for free is a great service that, in many cases, will be exactly what’s needed to track down your cellphone so that you can get on with the rest of your day.

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