Cool Site of the Week: TweepsMap

Maximum PC Staff

There’s no denying that Twitter’s become an important part of our lives, bringing us a first hand view of the profane, mundane and everything in between from around the globe. By firing off a tweet, you’re not just speaking your mind, you’re adding to a far-reaching cultural mosaic that speaks of our thoughts, dreams, loves and hates, moment by moment. If you’ve ever wondered who’s reading the 140 character toots you’ve been spewing, you’ll love TweepsMap , our Cool Site of the Week.

TweepsMap is a web app that analyzes the whereabouts of your Twitter followers and then, as the name suggests, visualizes their whereabouts on a map. Using TweepsMap couldn’t be easier: Just enter your Twitter credentials, tell Twitter that you’re cool with allowing TweepsMap to access your account and watch as your followers pop up on a map of the world. TweepsMap shows users what percentage of their followers hail from each country of the world. These numbers can also be broken down in to regional, state, and province information, making it a cinch to find out how many people are following you in County Galway, Ireland and monitoring your movements in Maryland.

Best of all, users can switch from a map view of the statistical breakdown to a piechart to better visualize the breakdown of their follower’s locations at a glance.

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