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Maximum PC Staff

When it comes to great ways to discover and share new music or the tunes you’ve loved for years, the internet has already set the bar pretty high. From sketchy p2p services like the original Napster, to great services like Rdio, and Spotify, modern music listeners are spoiled for choice. --our Cool Site of the Week--takes everything that makes finding and sharing music online great and turns it up to 11, making for the best musical social experience we’ve ever seen.

While still in a semi-closed beta, is already showing incredible promise. The premise is a simple one: Up to five users at a time are invited to spin tunes in any number of rooms, with other users free to drop in and listen to what your room has at any time. DJs can draw upon’s vast music repertoire or upload their own songs to add to the mix. As your song is played, the other DJs and users in the room can up-vote your song selection to legendary status, or ramp it’s popularity down far enough to vote it right out of the mix.

Building on it’s already impressive set of social features, each room also offers a chat interface for users to wax about their favorite tunes over, as well as links to Facebook, Twitter and email to send out invites to your friends with.

After using for a mere two days, we’re already hooked, and we’re sure you’ll be too!

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