Cool Site of the Week: The Wirecutter

Maximum PC Staff

Against all odds, you’ve got some extra cash on hand that you’re able to use to invest in a gadget, computer, or other snazzy new piece of hardware. Unfortunately, thanks to the unscrupulous technobabble employed by marketers, similar feature sets, and the constantly shifting topography of the technological landscape, shopping for the piece of hardware that’s best suited to your needs can be a nightmare. Fortunately, The Wirecutter is here to wake you up, stroke your hair and whisper that everything’s gonna be OK.

The Wirecutter is a site designed with one mission in mind: Helping you to choose a gadget or device that suits your needs to a tee, no matter what your price range or needs may be. Covering a wide variety of hardware categories such as cameras, laptops, tablets, stereo receivers, TVs, and smartphones, the site provides consumers with metrics they can actually use. You’ll find little talk of benchmarking here, but plenty of input on build quality, features, and cost versus value: all important factors to consider, no matter what kind of budget you’re rocking.

What’s more, should The Wirecutter not cover a device or hardware peripheral you’re in the market for, a number of tech pundit notables such as Brian Lam, Brian X. Chen, and Kyle VanHemert, are standing by ready to do their best to provide you with the answers you need to make your next purchase a smart one. Constantly updated, even handed, and easy to understand, The Wirecutter will keep tech aficionados coming back for more.

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