Cool Site of the Week: TED

Maximum PC Staff

With everyone’s lives on display via services like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, it’s gotten to the point where it’s getting hard to find anything new to talk about. Fortunately, TED , our Cool Site of the Week, plays host to enough intriguing content that after one visit, you’ll never be at a loss for a topic to jaw about again.

TED--which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design--is many things to many people. Started in 1984, TED aspires to bring together the brightest minds in each of these three fields in the hopes that their shared intellect and knowledge will spark new research, ways of thinking and partnerships that will drive our species forward. In the decades since TED has evolved, welcoming brilliant minds from any number of disciplines from around the world to talk, teach and wow conference attendees, and via the internet, anyone that visits the TED website.

Access to TED’s extensive library of videos is free, which is a good thing, as watching one or two of the site’s offerings will lead to hours spent hip-deep in the minds of some of the world’s greatest thinker, artists and humanitarians. No matter what your areas of interest are, TED will have something for you, that’ll get you thinking, talking, and perhaps even inspired into doing like no other site on the web today. Oh and for all you who insist upon rocking an iOS device? TED’s video offerings will work for you too. Trust us--we were as shocked as you are.

Be sure to check in next Friday for another Cool Site of the Week.

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