Cool Site of the Week: NASA

Maximum PC Staff

The last Star Trek TV series was kind of terrible, and they cancelled Firefly before the series had a chance to really come into its own.  Sure, Battlestar Galactica was great but now that it’s long over, what’s left to scratch that geeky sci-fi itch of yours? No Ordinary Family? V? Please. No one needs that sort of pain in their lives. What to do? How about taking an in-depth look real adventures of America’s space-based endeavors. Sound good? We thought so too--and that’s why NASA’s impressive online presence has been selected as our Cool Site of the Week.

From news of robots exploring the insides of damaged nuclear power plants in Japan to the in-depth history of every American space mission, NASA’s official website offers a little something for everyone.

Broken down into easily navigable sections such as Universe, Solar System, Earth and Aeronautics, NASA makes it easy to find something fascinating. Within minutes of browsing the site, we managed to locate an HD video on the history of the Space Shuttle program narrated by William Shatner, an interactive 3D sandbox tour of the International Space Station and a gallery of images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. With hours of fascinating videos and reading to captivate site visitors of all ages and levels of education, NASA’s official website is sure to help any downtrodden science fiction fan into an enthusiastic space geek after just one visit.

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