Cool Site of the Week: Museum of Online Museums

Maximum PC Staff

As vast as the internet can be, there comes a time in every web surfer’s life when there’s just nothing left to browse. Well, nothing interesting at least. After visiting your favourite online haunts, playing a few web games, chatting it up on Twitter or Google+ and seeking out behind-the-scenes dirt and spoilers for a few of your favorite films, it’s easy to run out of ideas as to what you should scope out next. In such a dire situation, you could take the quitter’s way out and head outside to enjoy everything that Mother Earth has to offer, or you can buckle in for a trip to the Museum of Online Museums , our Cool Site of the Week.

The Museum of Online Museums is a lazy web surfer’s dream. Curating a collection of some of the most random fare on the internet, MoOM is constantly updated with some of the most awesomely random stuff on offer anywhere online today. No matter whether you’re interested in some high-brow content from the The Smithsonian Art Museum or have a hankering to fill your hours with a trip to the Pong Museum, Adult Movie Posters From the 60’s &70’s, or want to get geared up at the Water Gun Armory, MoOM has something for everyone--even if that something was something that you never knew you wanted.

Oh, and just like an actual museum, MoOM also features a new collection very quarter, just to keep things interesting.

Be sure to check back every Friday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Cool site of the Week.

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