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Maximum PC Staff

Fun Fact: Most people would rather watch a movie than go to work... unless of course watching movies is one of your job functions, in which case you might be happier reading a book--It’s a strange world out there. Unfortunately, the majority of we worker bees aren’t able to take in a flick while on the clock, forced instead to keep our eyes on spreadsheets, assembly lines and work orders. Don’t fret: Hollywood’s just a set of headphones away, thanks to Listen to a Movie , our Cool Site of the Week.

The brainchild of a cubicle bound code monkey that enjoys listening to movies while he works, Listen to a Movie is a free and easy way to get your film fix while still managing to be productive at the same time. Simply select the soundtrack of a movie or television show from the site’s huge catalog of titles, put on a pair of headphones and start listening. Listen to a Movie streams the audio from the flick of your choice to your computer, entertaining with some of Hollywood’s finest fare on the sly. If you’re not in the mood to listen to a movie, the site even offers a limited selection of radio shows and stand up comedy to take in. While it might not be as good as calling in sick in favor of spending your afternoon with a DVDs, it’ll definitely get you by in a pinch.

Oh, and should you run across an old favorite or a newly discovered gem that your feel simply needs to be seen, Listen to a Movie provides links to all of the movies it features for Amazon, Netflix and IMDB, making it easy to locate a copy to watch once your time is your own again.

Be sure to check back every Friday for another edition of Maximum PC’s Cool Site of the Week.

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