Cool Site of the Week: Klout

Maximum PC Staff

If you’re anything like us, you use Twitter and Facebook multiple times day to check in with friends, share your life and discover what’s happening in the world outside your cubicle. A few of you might even be using them as a result of being in that cubicle--leveraging the power of social media to inform the unwashed masses of what products or services your business provides. No matter what you shout from the social media mountain tops, Klout --our Cool Site of the Week--will tell you whether anyone is actually listening.

Even though it’s still undergoing beta testing, Klout is a social media force to be reckoned with. Users are invited to link up their Twitter and Facebook accounts (with LinkedIn functionality on the way as well), to the site. Once entered, Klout scours your accounts, looking at what you post about, who you talk to, repost, and who is following your every online move. The service then uses this information to provide you with a number of metrics--Score Analysis, Network Influence, Amplification probability and True Reach--to provide you with an over all view of how effectively you’re leveraging your social network contacts.

Are you a Specialist? A Networker? Maybe a Broadcaster? Klout will give you the lowdown.
Best of all, Klout rewards your social media excellence with some pretty impressive swag from a wide variety of sponsors, finally giving you a truly valid excuse to push for more online followers.

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