Cool Site of the Week: Incredibox

Maximum PC Staff

The internet is a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some come online to work, others to goof off as hard and as often as possible. For those that fall into the latter group, there are a lot of options to keep you entertained and non-productive for hours at a time. Memes, webcomic and streaming video all fit the bill. But once The Oatmeal gets cold, and the LOLcats somehow stop being funny, where can professional-grade pooch pumpers get their online ya-yas out? We’ll tell you: Incredibox , our Cool Site of the Week.

Using a library of pre-recorded sounds, Inredibox invites its visitors to create a soulful beatbox masterpiece in minutes.  Users are invited to drag audio from five different sounds sets into the site’s main pane. Active sounds are represented by cartoon avatars that interact with each other to bring your musical creations to life. Not thrilled with an aspect of the groove you’ve created, just click on a sound’s avatar to remove it from your soundscape, and re-imagine it as you please.

After playing with Incredibox for only a few minutes, we were able to create a tune that stuck in our heads for the better part of a morning. If you’re able to get a good groove going,  Incredibox rewards your efforts by giving you access to one of three different guest riffs to help you break your tune down and take it to the bridge. This is a site that’s designed to delight--a task it accomplishes with ease.

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