Cool Site of the Week: Gojee

Maximum PC Staff

Deciding on what to make for dinner can be as daunting a task as actually cooking it. Every day, we stand in front of our refrigerators, freezers and cupboards, waiting for inspiration, and in the end, typically end up making the same meals over and over again--provided the right ingredients for our favorite dishes are all in the house at the same time. When they’re not, many of us would just as soon head out to a restaurant for an expensive meal than sit down to noodle out a new home cooked recipe with the ingredients we have on hand.  Fortunately, our Cool site of Site of the week has your gastronomical back. It’s called Gojee and it’s here to make sure we never go hungry again.

While there are thousands of recipe sites floating around the internet, Gojee stands apart in that it suggests recipes to you based on the ingredients you have on hand. Just enter what food you’ve got left in the house and Gojee will tell you what sorts of dishes you can whip up with it and what you might need to complete the recipe. If you’ve got a food allergy or despise a particular ingredient, you can add it to a list of disliked foods and Gojee will adjust its list of ingredients and subsequent list of recipes accordingly.

Gojee even allows you to mark your favorite recipes so that you can return to them time after time. What could be better? Be sure to check back every Friday for another addition of Maximum PC’s Cool Site of the Week.

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