Cool Site of the Week: GameHuddle

Seamus Bellamhy

While PC gaming might be your first love, we know that at one point or another, you’ve been tempted by the offerings of a console gaming system. PC users have needs damn it, and if our computers aren’t able to quell our Halo-loving urges, there’s no shame in slumming it up with a piece of hardware built for nothing but fun. That said, cheating on your PC with a console can get expensive. To save a bit of coin, you can buy used games or hook up with a subscription-based service like GameFly to get your console ya-yas out, or you can rent your titles through a community-driven service like GameHuddle where every member has the opportunity to play each others games and make a bit of coin in the process. It’s such a great idea that it qualifies GameHuddle as our Cool Site of the Week.

Signing up for Gamehuddle couldn’t be easier. All you need are an email and home address. Once you’re set up, you’ve got a couple of choices to make: Browsing for titles to rent, or telling the site’s overlords which of your own console games you’d like to rent out to other Gamehuddle subscribers.

Game rental prices are very reasonable: $1 per day for the first five days and then 40 cents for everyday thereafter. That’s great news for folks that want to feed their console needs on the cheap, and even better for gamers who want to make a bit of cabbage off of the titles they’ve already played to death. Throw free mailing into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for winning that in no way involves Charlie Sheen.

Be sure to check back in with us next Friday for the another edition of Awesome Site of the Week!

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