Cool Site of the Week: Encyclopedia of Life

Maximum PC Staff

As of 2010, scientists have managed to find and catalog 1.7 million different species of life. Sounds like a lot, right? Not when you consider that the very same lab geeks feel it’s possible that there may still be another five million species out there that we haven’t stumbled across yet. Before depriving anymore of those lifeforms of their habitats for the sake of a new strip mall or a few rolls of toilet paper, maybe we’d do well to get to know them a little bit better (you know, just in case the planet finally decides to rise up and rebel against us). To this end, we’re declaring Encyclopedia of Life our Cool Site of the Week.

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) provides visitors with a wealth of information concerning the diverse biological treasures our planet has to offer. At last count, EOL had cataloged over 750,000 different lifeforms with 448,007 images. Information on the site is gathered from experts, educators, museums, and citizen scientists who all share one thing in common: a passion for the stunning variety of life our planet has to offer. EOL’s database is designed to be useable by both laymen and experts, so searching for ‘Black Bear’ or ‘Urus Americanus’ will bring you to the same page on the site.

Not looking for something dangerous and furry? No problem: EOL has you covered, as its database contains entries on every form of life under the sun. Need to know a few factoids about Brittle Waternymph or a tidbit concerning Actinopterygians? Simply type and ye shall receive.

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