Cool Site of the Week: DocumentaryHeaven

Maximum PC Staff

With subscription services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, downloadable content from iTunes and Amazon, and freebies from Crackle or YouTube It’s getting harder to justify paying for cable. For those of us who prefer our time in front of the tube stimulate, rather than rot our brains, DocumentaryHeaven may be the final push we need to usher our cable TV and satellite subscriptions out the door.

Offering up more than 1600 high quality documentary televisions shows and feature length films from around the interwebz, DocumentaryHeaven has been in operation since 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down. While 1600+ videos is a pretty respectable number, none of them would be worth their bandwidth if the content wasn’t capable of keeping your attention. Fortunately, the majority of Documentary Heaven’s offerings are top notch. Visitors to the site will no doubt also be thrilled to find that not only is the video quality typically high, but so the calibre and variety of what’s on offer. The site’s stable of documentaries is broken down into 49 different categories, making it a cinch to browse for something that appeals to you.

In the mood for a bit of travel? Why not take a trip with Stephen Fry In America? Looking for a bit of hot human-on-computer action? Kasparov Versus Deep Thought should be just the ticket. Without a doubt, DocumentaryHeaven’s got it going on.

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