Cool Site of the Week: Codecademy

Maximum PC Staff

We think it’s fair to say that the majority of people in the world today take technology for granted. We drive to work without understanding how an internal combustion engine works. Our leftovers are mysteriously re-heated in the microwave without any knowledge of how its non-ionizing radiation affects what the food we’re about to put into our mouths. The same goes for computers: We turn our PCs on and get down to the serious business of checking our mail, paying a few bills online and wasting what’s left of our lives on Twitter without so much as a thought to how any of these services operate. (Well, maybe not Maximum PC readers but...) While ignorance can be bliss, knowledge is pretty sweet, too. That’s why Codecademy is our Cool Site of the Week.

Unpretentious and easy to approach, Codecademy makes coding so enjoyable, it’s hard to believe you’re actually learning something. The website starts users off small, offering tutorials on how to use some very basic JavaScript commands. Each lesson is incrementally progressive and conversational in tone, making it easy to advance your skills without breaking a sweat. Each time you reach a new plateau of coding knowledge, users are awarded with a virtual trophy, making the time spent learning how to do something useful feel a like playing a game.

While Codecademy doesn’t currently offer a wide variety of content, the site’s developers promise that new lessons are on the way. If you’ve got the kung-fu to do so, why not drop by the site and lend a hand ?

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