Cool Site of the Week: Anti-Resolution

Maximum PC Staff

With Christmas and Chanukkah in the bag, the leftovers eaten and the relatives pushed out the door for another year, New Years Eve is the next big event you'll have to deal with. Between now and then, you'll no doubt reflect upon the last year's triumphs and failures, and then like as with years before, foolishly resolve to change your ways knowing full well that you'll never live up to your self-imposed pact in the weeks and months to come. This year, why not break the cycle of broken self-imposed promises with Anti-Resolution , our Cool Site of the Week.

Anti-Resolution isn't against personal growth--far from it. Rather, the site is against broken big-picture New Year's Eve promises to improve out health and well-being, which, while made with the best of intentions, often end up being broken. Instead, Anti-Resolution suggests that you make smaller, easily doable personal pacts: To lose weight, save money, reduce your stress level, break an ugly habit or spend more time with your loved ones. Once you've selected one of these paths to self-improvement, the site will provide you with a few modest suggestions on how you could follow through.

You'll find no difficult life changing courses of action here. Small acts that anyone has the willpower to follow through on are the name of the game with Anti-Resolution. Given the number of promises to ourselves most of us break on a regular basis, who couldn't do with an easy win?

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